Vietnam Wet Hulled G1 RFA

Big body, bittersweet chocolate, forest floor, nice sweet plum skin on finish
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This is a wet hulled, grade 1, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from Lam Dong, Vietnam.

60% of Vietnam Arabica crop is in Lam Dong Province. Lam Dong's altitudes range from 900- 1400 masl, and this area experiences rains from April to July, with fertile basaltic soil. Varietals grown here are 95% Catimor and 5% Bourbon/Typica. Harvesting is from September to February.

The processing of this coffee starts with the farmer delivering high grown coffee cherries to Olam where it gets pulped using Penagos DCV Pulpers and a Dry-fermentation is done in concrete tanks for up-to 14 hours. The following morning, post washing, parchment is pre-dried on Vibrating dryers, using air at temperature <= 45 degrees C. After mechanical drying, parchment is fed to Wet hullers. After Wet Hulling, the wet bean is transferred to Green Houses to be dried on raised beds for up to 7 days. Each Green House is monitored for humidity levels and coffee is raked consistently as it drops from 40% to 12% moisture by weight.
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Total Bags In Lot 320
Harvest Season 2019/20
Status Spot
Processing Wet Hulled
Bag Type Jute
Plant Species Arabica
Coffee Grade VNM CA WA
Warehouse The Annex
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