Uganda FW AA/AB FTO - Bukonzo Joint Cooperative

Dried apple, prune, fig, bittersweet chocolate
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WarehouseThe Annex CA
Lot #PC15436#1
ETA Spot
Bag Weight 60 kg
This is a fully washed grades AA/AB Fair Trade and Organic Certified Coffee from the Bukonzo Joint Cooperative in Uganda. Bukonzo Joint is a member-owned co-op operating 5.500 small farms in the Rwenzori Mountains of western Uganda. Among these memebers, 83% are women and has grown from 11 original member groups in 1999 to 72 groups today. This group formed as a direct response to obstacles facing the poor and isolated farming communities of the region - many of which found themselves marginalized due to war, poverty, and a lack of connective infrastructure. These coffees are grown at an elevation of 1400-2200 masl across the following coutnies: Kyarumba, Kyondo, Kisinga, Lake Katwe, Maliba, and Mahango.
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Total Bags In Lot 320
Status Spot
Warehouse The Annex CA
Subregion Rwenzori Mountains
Farm Name Bukonzo Joint Cooperative
Producer Type Cooperative
Processing Washed
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Plant Species Arabica
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