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Shop Fair Trade certified coffee

Fair Trade Certified

Shop our Fair Trade (FLO) certified coffees.
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Organic Certified

Shop our organic certified coffees.
Shop RFA certified coffee

RFA Certified

Shop our Rainforrest Alliance (RFA) coffee.
Shop UTZ certified coffee

UTZ Certified

Shop our UTZ certified coffee.
Shop SMBC Bird Friendly coffee

Bird Friendly Certified

Shop our Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) "Bird Friendly" certified coffee.
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IWCA Coffee

Shop coffee grown by women in the International Women in Coffee Alliance.
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Estate Coffee

Shop coffee traceable to single estates.
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Cooperative Coffee

Shop coffee traceable to specific coffee cooperatives.
Shop our available microlots


Shop our available microlots.
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Grain Pro / Ecotact

Shop coffees bagged in Grain Pro or Ecotact.