Tanzania FTO Robusta - Kaderes

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ETA Jul 2019
Bag Weight 60 kg
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This is Fair Trade, organic certified Robusta coffee from the Karagwe District in the Kagera region, north-west of Tanzania in the central of Lake Victoria and the borders of Uganda and Rwanda.
Kaderes was founded in 2007, however, dates back to 1997, when it was operating as a non government organization, as Karagwe Development and Relief Services with a focus to empower the rural communities and improve their living conditions in the districs of Karagwe and Kyerwa, in the Kagera region.
Now acting as a coffee export, Kaderes works with more than 27,800 farmers (8,598 of which are Fairtrade/organic certified), organized in 8 cooperatives in the Karagwe and Kyerwa districts. As of 2019, it has expanded to Misenyi, Muleba, and Ngara districts. Growing altitudes are 1,200 - 1,500 masl in sandy clam to sandy loam soil, and the areas of production receive 80mm - 200mm rainfall each year.
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Total Bags In Lot 320
Status Forward
Subregion Karagwe District
Farm Name Kaderes
Dry Mill Kaderes
Processing Natural/Dry Processed
Processing Description When ripe, coffee is selectively handpicked by farmers and their families, carefully sorted and dried on tarpaulins and delivered to the processing factory for curing.
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Certifications Fair Trade, Fair Trade Organic, Organic
Plant Species Robusta
Coffee Grade Superior
Growing Altitude 1200-1500m
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