Tanzania AA - Karatu Estate *TOP LOT*

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Karatu coffee estate is located in the ring of Ngorongoro crater in Karatu area. This is about 150 kms North of Arusha city. The estate was established in the mid 1900's by German settlers after the second world war.

The farming area is covered with dark volcanic soil and the area experiences moderate bimodal rainfall of about 700 - 800 mm p.a. with temperatures ranging between 19 - 27 degrees Celsius. The long rains fall between March-May while the short rains come between October and December.
The area experiences a long mono-annual production cycle with harvesting from August - January. The main variety is the traditional N39 accounting for over 99% of all the coffee grown. Karatu coffee estate applies both dry and wet processing methods. Dry processing - The berries are picked when red ripe and gently sun dried for top quality naturals. This forms around 5% of the farm production. Wet processing – Red rip cherries are timely pulped, fermented, washed and gently sun dried on raised drying table.
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Warehouse Continental NJ
Farm Name Karatu Estate
Producer Type Single Estate
Processing Washed
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Plant Species Arabica
Variety Kent
Coffee Grade AA
Growing Altitude 1600-1800m
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