Olam Brands

Olam Brands

While seasonality is a celebrated feature of specialty coffees, consistency is also a key ingredient to quality. Roasters need reliable coffees to anchor their offerings, taste profiles and inventory performance they can count on and plan around from season to season. Olam brands are carefully curated with this in mind, a diverse collection of high quality, dependable coffees, created to deliver consistency as blend components or part of your ongoing single origin selection.

View Brazil Cafe Delas coffees

Brazil Cafe Delas

Brazil Cafe Delas was created to help women farmers access the resources, skills, knowledge and voice they need to grow to their fullest potential. For every Cafe Delas sale Olam reinvests 3 cents/lb in initiatives that promote gender equality.
View Brazil Mogiana Eagle coffees

Brazil Mogiana Eagle

The Mogiana Eagle is a blend made from top lots produced in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil. Mogiana Eagle reveals sweet chocolate and nuts on our table and is available in screen 17/18.
View Brazil Eagle Espresso Blend coffees

Brazil Eagle Espresso Blend

Our Brazil Eagle Espresso Blend is specifically targeted for espresso. With consistent cocoa, sweet, and toffee notes, we're excited to offer this unique blend of coffees hailing from various suppliers in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.
View Colombia Dulima coffees

Colombia Dulima

Colombia Dulima is a fully washed, Excelso EP grade coffee from the Tolima or Huila regions. 50% of each lot is guaranteed 17/18 or up.
View Colombia Timana coffees

Colombia Timaná

Colombia Timaná is an Excelso grade coffee grown in the Huila region of Colombia. Given the micro-climates in this region, each lot has unique, impressive notes and no two are exactly alike.
View Java Sunda Hejo coffees

Java Sunda Hejo

Sunda Hejo coffee is wet hulled and from the Bandung and Garut regions of Java. The farms where we source this coffee maintain exceptionally high standards and as a result we try to process each lot separately as a microlot.
View Laos Naga

Laos Naga

Laos Naga is a grade 1 Arabica that is fully washed and at least 14 and up screen size. The coffee is carefully selected from farmers in the Champasak region of the Boloven Plateau.
View Laos SIHO coffees


Laos SIHO coffee comes from forty-two villages spread over the south-southeast portion of the Boloven Plateau. The farms are between 1,000 and 1,350 masl and the coffee is wet hulled.
View Mexico La Concordia Especial coffees

Mexico La Concordia Especial

Mexico La Concordia Especial is a washed Arabica from farms with the highest quality standards in La Concordia Municipality in the Chiapas region.
View Sulawesi Rantemario coffees

Sulawesi Rantemario

Sulawesi Rantemario is a wet hulled coffee that is carefully curated from small holders on Sulawesi to make an impressive, consistent grade 1 blend.
View Sumatra Crowned Garuda coffees

Sumatra Crowned Garuda

Sumatra Crowned Garuda is a grade 1 Arabica that is grown between 1,100 and 1,300 masl, wet hulled and comes from the North Sumatra and Aceh regions.
View Sumatra Tano Batak coffees

Sumatra Tano Batak

Sumatra Tano Batak comes from the Lintong and Dolok Sanggul regions near South Lake Toba. These are consistently great coffees, so we process each separately as microlots.
View Sumatra Ulos Batak coffees

Sumatra Ulos Batak

Similar to the Tano Batak, the Ulos Batak comes from the Lintong and Dolok Sanggul regions near South Lake Toba, but Ulos has a 18+ screen size. These superb coffees are also processed as microlots.
View Sumatra Noesantara Aged coffees

Sumatra Noesantara Aged

Sumatra Noesantara Aged is comprised of multiple small lots of wet hulled coffee that have been aged for 48+ months at origin until the coffee reaches a deep brown color reminiscent of quality brandy.