Great for Cold Brew

Great for Cold Brew

"Cold brew, please." We hear it all year round now. To help you grow with the demand, we experimented and found that the below green coffees are great for cold brew. We invite you to taste for yourself and we trust you will keep on experimenting. Please keep us posted as you find other coffees and combinations that are great for cold brew!

Cold Brew Step 2

Brazil Eagle Espresso Blend

The Brazil Eagle Espresso Blend is definitely the most neutral ‘base’ of the cold brew preps. Cold brewing this coffee brings out malt, maple, caramel and slight raisin flavors.
Cold Brew Step 3

Cameroon Oku Valley

Cameroon Oku Valley is a good middle ground between the Brazil Espresso Blend and the Colombia Dulima. Cold brewed, this Cameroon coffee tastes of baker’s chocolate, molasses, and a touch of blackberry with a floral finish.
Cold Brew Step 4

Colombia Dulima

Colombia Dulima is more dynamic in character than the Brazil Espresso Blend and Cameroon Oku Valley, with a sweet cup profile of dark chocolate, red grape and orange rind.
Cold Brew Step 5

Ethiopia Limmu G3 Natural

The Ethiopia Limmu G3 Natural coffee is a solid choice for a single origin cold brew. It has a dynamic and well-composed flavor profile of juicy red fruits, mild citrus, floral notes and silky full body.