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Washed Process

In the washed or wet process, the coffee is pulped (skin, pulp and mucilage removed) and then floated in water, fermented, washed, dried and then hulled.
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Natural / Dry Processed

In the natural or dry process, fruit is picked from the tree and dried directly in the sun or on raised screens and then hulled without ever being pulped, floated, fermented or washed.
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Semi-Washed Process

The semi-washed process is a processing technique somewhere between wet process and dry process.
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Wet Hulled

In the wet hulled process the coffee is first pulped, floated, fermented and washed, but not allowed to fully dry before hulling.
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Honey Process

In the honey process, skin and pulp are removed from the fruit, but not the mucilage and is then dried and hulled without fermentation or washing.