Peru Cajamarca SHB EP Organic - Sr. Freddy Bermeo

Apricot, lime, almond
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This is an SHB EP Organic coffee from producer Freddy Bermeo located in the Tabaconas district of the San Ignacio province in Peru. Growing altitude for this lot is 1820 masl. The Tabaconas district is home to the Tabaconas Namballe National Sanctuary - the only safe haven to a number of local wildlife. In an effort to continue protecting and preserving these natural havens, the community was encouraged to grow shade organic cacao and coffee to support efforts against deforestation. In preserving flora and fauna across almost 80,000 ha of forests, this promotion also offered a major source of income to the community.
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Total Bags In Lot 75
Status Spot
Subregion Tabaconas < San Ignacio
Farm Name Freddy Bermeo
Processing Washed
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Growing Altitude 1800m
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