Olam Estates and Coffee Farms

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Olam Estates and Coffee Farms

More than distance can separate our cupping table from a coffee farm. For Olam, the connection between the two is more than a supply chain, it’s a value chain. Olam owned coffee farms are not only an opportunity for us to implement best practices around producing quality coffee, we also bring our commitment to social and environmental sustainability, both on the coffee farms and in the surrounding communities. Olam’s commitment to quality goes beyond the farm gate, seeking positive, measurable impacts on the people and places that surround our estates.


    Milano Farm is located in Barreiras at the extreme West of the Bahia state of Brazil and rests at 700 MASL. Milano coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified.


    Southern Laos is home to the Bolaven Plateau and the four plantations from which Olam gathers the finest coffees in the region.


    The Aviv Estate represents Olam's ongoing efforts in Tanzania to foster high quality Arabica coffee production by implementing environmental and social standards.


    Zambia Mafinga Hills is a Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from the country's Northern Province. This coffee comes from two Olam owned estates, Kateshi & Isanya.