Mexico FTO SHG EP - UCOAAC (FLO ID # 811)

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This is an SHG EP grade Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee from the Unión de Cafetaleros Orgánicos de Angel Albino Corzo (UCOAAC) in the Chiapas region of Mexico. Located in the Frailesca and Sierra regions of Chiapas, the UCOAAC was founded in 1992 as a small group of producers that has since grwon to 935 organic producers. This coffee comes from the high altitudes area of the Sierra Madre, bordering The Biosphere Reserve El Triunfo. This ecological reserve is the most diverse evergreen forest in Mexico, and one of the most important sites for bird migration. It’s full of endemic plants, and also number of threatened mammalian species can be found in the reserve, such as Geoffroy’s spider monkey, margay, jaguar and puma. Growing altitudes across the UCOAAC producers ranges from 950-1600 masl. Coffees are entirely Bourbon variety, are 80% over screen 16, and are washed and sun dried.
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Total Bags In Lot 275
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Subregion Frailesca and SIerra
Farm Name UCOAAC
Producer Type Cooperative
Processing Washed
Processing Description Washed and sun dried
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Coffee Grade SHG EP
Growing Altitude >1000m
Screen Size 16 Up
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