How do I track my shipment?

Whether ordering via FedEx or Ground Freight, track your coffee shipment using the provided tracking code


If you are ordering one 60 kg bag of coffee, you can ship via FedEx.

  • When our logistics team releases the Delivery Order for pick up by FedEx, you are copied on that email with a shipping label attached.
  • This label will include your tracking number which can be used to track your shipment on the FedEx website.

Ground Freight 

Our shipping broker will send you an email when your coffee is picked up from the warehouse by the carrier who will be delivering your pallet.

  • Your tracking number and a link to our broker's tracking website will be included on that email.

  • If you cannot find this email, please check your SPAM or JUNK email folders. If you do not find the email there, you can contact our customer service team at

  • Note, tracking cannot be provided on freight orders before your coffee is loaded on a truck and entered into the carrier's tracking system.