How to Request Samples Online?

You can order up to six complimentary samples of green coffee at a time, with free shipping via USPS.

What to Know

Here are some things to know before ordering samples:

  • Each sample is 200 grams.
  • We are not able to provide roasted samples.
  • Please note the warehouse where the lot you are sampling is located. We cannot transfer small amounts of coffee between warehouses, so we recommend only sampling from the warehouse you will eventually be ordering from.
  • Samples are for evaluation with the intent to purchase, and we recommend ordering samples with a specific goal in mind, i.e. "finding a new Guatemalan coffee for our drip menu." 

When you are ready to request a sample, please use the 'Request Sample' button on the product page

  • Checkout as you normally would.
  • Shipping is free via USPS; please confirm the shipping address.

request sample