How to Check Out Online

Checking the Details

Once on the checkout page, make sure the address, coffee, number of bags, and warehouse are correct. Please note: You cannot split one order between two warehouses. If you need to order coffee from both the Continental warehouse in New Jersey and The Annex warehouse in California, please create two separate orders, one for the coffee from each warehouse.  

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Shipping Options

We offer a few different shipping methods. Please note that we do not ship green coffee. We connect you with third party shipping companies to deliver your coffee.

  1. We can arrange shippig using ground freight, with negotiated flat rates.
  2. You can schedule a warehouse pickup, and specify the pickup date in the calendar and enter details in the comments box. Use this option when picking up the coffee yourself or arranging your own trucking.
  3. For single bag orders of 60 kg or less we can ship your coffee for a flat rate of $75.
  • Please review and carefull consider any accessorials you may need for your coffee to be delivered. Accessorials are additional services that truckers may need to provide to deliver coffee to your address. When shopping online, please select all that apply during checkout. Use the Comment Box to provide us with additional details about your delivery that are not listed among the accessorials/ add-ons.  For example, you can say "Please call 30 minutes prior to delivery." or "Please use the south dock."

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Making a Payment

You can choose to pay for your coffee immediately by credit card or choose to receive an invoice that you can pay by credit card, check, or wire.

  • Please note, if paying via invoice, we will not release the coffee for shipment or pick up until the invoice has been paid Once your payment details are confirmed, click 'Place Order' to finalize your order.


Shipping Details

Once you finalize your order, you will receive an order confirmation with details outlining your order.



We will then generate a DO (delivery order) that directs the warehouse to prepare your coffee for release, whether via shipping or pickup.  You will not be able to pickup your coffee without a delivery order.


  • Please note: For first time buyers, there will be a delay on your first order as we will need to add you to our systems You will receive tracking and delivery details as soon as they are available from the shipping provider