How our Coffees are Scored and Cupped?

Our coffees are cupped using industry-wide standards as developed for Q-Grader certification

Cupping Process

  • Our quality assurance (quality control) team cups every coffee that is being sold, to ensure coffees meet our specialty standards.
  • Our coffees are cupped using the traditional Q system or the established SCA cupping system. 

Scoring Process

  • We try to avoid cupping score inflation and are conservative, or tough, on coffee. Most people using SCA standards would score our Top Lots similarly.
  • We score coffees very differently from trade magazines or consumer publications. People familiar with the magazine and consumer publications might find an 85 or 87 an inferior product, however, in trade 87 is fantastic. Take the score you’re looking for and shave 10 points off it, and that’s more in line with how we score coffees.
  • We do not publish our cupping scores, as they are not helpful unless those providing the score and those reading the score are on the same page (i.e. an 86 means the same thing to us that it does to you).
  • Listen to Season 1 Episode 1 of The Exchange for more detailed information on the cupping and scoring process: