What should I know before my first purchase?

Buying coffee online is simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind as a first time buyer

Things to Consider

During checkout, please make sure the coffee is at your desired warehouse and please check the quantity being purchased. Make sure your shipping address is correct.

Please note: You cannot split one order between two warehouses. If you need to order coffee from both the Continental warehouse in New Jersey and The Annex warehouse in California, please create two separate orders.

  • Please confirm shipping and billing address are correct.
  • Please select necessary accessorials. Accessorials are additional services that truckers may need to provide to deliver coffee to your address. You will be charged accessorial fees in addition to the flat rate shipping. If you neglect to select the necessary accessorials, we will pass through the amount charged to us by the trucking company  to you.  A liftgate is manditory if you do not have a loading bay or a forklift. Learn more about accessorials.

First Time Order Delay

There may be a short delay in releasing your first order as we add your account to our finance system.

Without a delivery order, your order will not be ready for pickup nor be ready for shipping. The DO (delivery order) directs the warehouse to prepare your coffee for release, whether via shipping or pickup