Kenya AA Top - Gathaithi (2016)

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This AA Top quality coffee come from the Gathaithi settlement in Kenya's Central Province. Gathaithi is both the name of the coffee factory where coffee is being processed, and the Farmers Cooperative Society located in the Nyeri district of the Central province of Kenya. Farmers belonging to the cooperative are smallholders, and in addition to coffee, both banana and maize are grown.After picking, coffee cherry is delivered by the farmer members to the factory, where it washed and coffee in parchment is fermented over night, before it is cleaned from any remaining fruit, soaked and spread on raised drying tables. During drying, the parchment is turned by hand. Farmer members of the cooperative can access pre financing for school fees, farm inputs and emergency needs. GPS: S0° 30.617' E37° 00.190'
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Harvest Season 2015/16
Status Spot
Subregion Gathaithi < Central Province
Processing Wet Hulled
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Coffee Grade KEN CA WA AA TOP
Growing Altitude >1750m
Warehouse Continental NJ
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