Java Skikandi Sunda (2015/16)

As per sample
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WarehouseThe Annex CA
Lot #PC06215#1
ETA Spot
Bag Weight 60 kg

This is a wet hulled coffee from the Bandung and Garut regions of Java. The farms where we source this coffee maintain exceptionally high standards. This particular lot came from Skikandi Sunda.

This coffee is one of Taylor's favorites: This new arrival from Java really jumps off the cupping table. Full of notes of juicy tangerine, milk chocolate, and fresh tobacco, this coffee exhibits a bright, citric acidity and balanced sweetness. Great for single origin offerings or as a possible blend component. Get your sample requests in now!

More Information
Status Spot
Warehouse The Annex CA
Subregion Bandung & Garut regions
Processing Wet Hulled
Processing Description We call the process 'Giling Kering,' which includes washing the cherry, drying the parchment to 12% moisture, then hull the coffee and bag it.
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Growing Altitude >1200m
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