India RFA Cascara - Pearl Mountain Estate

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ETA Spot
Bag Weight 15 kg
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This Cascara Pulp was processed from one of our oldest India Plantations and is RFA certified. Cascara - the word for "shell" or "husk" in Spanish - is the dried coffee cherry skin that is normally discarded during processing. The habit of discarding the skin as a simple byproduct was found to be regrettably wasteful, because it can be prepared as a sweet and highly caffeinated tea.

Ratnagiri Estate - translated in English to ‘Pearl Mountain’ - was planted in 1920 by Shivappaiy Patre and has been passed down to the now 3rd generation of Estate owners in the Patre family. Situated between 1’2000 and 1’500 meters in the mountain range of the Western Ghat, this region - also home to pepper vines and cardamom groves - is know for its heavy and consistent rainfall. The Estate places heavy emphasis on quality, where the coffee is grown under shade trees and the carefully picked cherries are hand sorted prior to pulping, fermented between 42 and 72 hours, and hand-washed in water from the mountain streams.
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Total Bags In Lot 100
Status Spot
Subregion Chikmagahur District - Western Ghat Mountains
Farm Name Pearl Mountain Estate
Producer Type Single Estate
Processing Natural/Dry Processed
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Certifications Rainforest Alliance
Plant Species Arabica
Coffee Grade Cascara
Growing Altitude 1200-1500m