Honduras SHG Microlot - Rosendo Reyes Diaz *TOP LOT*

Bright, juicy, grapefruit, tangerine, white grape
16 Bags Available
WarehouseThe Annex CA
Lot #P604759-10
ETA Spot
Bag Weight 69 kg
Honduras SHG Microlot - Rosendo Reyes Diaz *TOP LOT* is available to buy in increments of 1

This is a washed SHG microlot from producer Rosendo Reyes and his farm La Cofradía in the San Juan region of western Honduras.


Before getting involved in coffee, Rosendo used to work as a builder in his community. To start with this provided a secure income for him and his family but after more competition moved into the area Rosendo decided to focus on agriculture and started planting corn for their own consumption. Half of the lands he owns today were inherited by his father and the other half he bought with his own savings.

In 2012, Rosendo decided to plant coffee in the same land where he planted corn, starting with 0.35 ha, which he expanded over time, little by little. Today, besides coffee, he still plants a small quantity of corn and beans to ensure a supply of food for his family even in rough times.

Rosendo is working towards achieving RFA, Utz and Organic certification this year. He is still early on his specialty coffee journey but with business growing each year,coffee is providing much needed financial security for his family.


Harvesting is carried out selectively and by hand. Ripe cherries are mechanically pulped and fermented in concrete tanks for 12-16 hours depending on ambient conditions. After thorough washing, the parchment coffee is sun-dried on raised beds for around 6 days (until the optimum moisture content is reached.) At this point the coffee is rested in a clean, cool and dry environment before secondary processing (milling, grading, sorting).

More Information
Total Bags In Lot 25
Status Spot
Warehouse The Annex CA
Subregion San Juan
Farm Name Finca La Cofradía
Producer Type Small Holder Farmers
Processing Washed
Processing Description Washed & sun-dried on raised beds
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Plant Species Arabica
Variety Catimor
Coffee Grade SHG
Growing Altitude 1300m
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