Guatemala San Marcos SHG RFA - Finca Pompeya *TOP LOT*

Chocolate, fig, honey, blackberry
$3.81 / lb $579.57 / bag
Bag Weight 69 KG BAG
Harvest Season 2018/19
Jun 2019
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About This Coffee

This is an SHB, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from Finca Pompeya, in Guatemala's San Marcos region, located in the village of Chanchicupe.
The area is characterized by its humidity, receiving an average rainfall of 6,500 mm. This coffee was grown in sandy soil, at heights around 1400 masl. This coffee is of the bourbon, caturra, and sarchimor varietals.

Finca Pompeya has been a part of the family since 1870, when Abelino De Leon and Virgia Muñoz acquired the land as a station for their cargo animals. Later, in 1910 the farm was inherited by their son, Rene De Leon who planted coffee, sugar cane, corn and beans. He also constructed the main farmhouse and other principal installations. It was still performing as a cargo station. In 1979, Maria Cristina Barrios De Leon began operating the farm, which by then had only coffee and began exporting. In 1995 Maria Cristina gave Pompeya to her nephew, Erick Bulask Barrios who continues to grow unique coffee, product of an amazing land in the mountains of Guatemala. Pompeya, four generations of hard-working people running hard working businesses.
  • Total Bags In Lot 50
  • Status Spot
  • Cup Score 85
  • Region Chanchicupe
  • Farm Name Finca Pompeya
  • Producer Type Single Estate
  • Processing Washed
  • Processing Description Natural fermentation for 36 hours, patio dried for 6 hours
  • Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
  • Plant Species Arabica
  • Variety Bourbon, Caturra
  • Coffee Grade GTM CA WA SHB
  • Growing Altitude 1400m
  • Screen Size 14 Up
  • Latitude & Longitude 14°59'45''N 91°58'00''W
  • Country of Origin Guatemala
  • Warehouse The Annex
  • On Sale No
  • Top Lot No
  • CTRM Contract Number P604523-1