Guatemala Chimaltenango SHB EP FTO - Asproguate 'San Martin Jilotepeque' (FLO ID 32213) (2015)

Dark chocolate, grape skin, gripping acidity
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WarehouseThe Annex CA
Lot #PC05925#1
ETA Spot
Bag Weight 69 kg
This is an SHB EP quality, Fair trade organic certified coffee that was cultivated near the municipality of San Martin Jilotepeque in the Chimaltenango region of Guatemala. ASPROGUATE is an organization that helps finance the creation of wet mills and has a newly built centralized dry mill in Guatemala City.
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Status Spot
Warehouse The Annex CA
Subregion San Martin Jilotepeque
Farm Name Patzaj, Estancia de la Virgen, Estancia de San Martin, Xesuj, El Molino, Las Lomas
Wet Mill Beneficio Armenia
Dry Mill Beneficio Santa Rita
Processing Washed
Processing Description Washed, natural fermentation, patio sun dried, coffee dryers
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Coffee Grade SHB EP
Growing Altitude >1800m
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