Our Favorites

Check out our favorites coffees. These coffees stood out on the cupping table, impressed our particular palates and we think they are a good bang for your buck.
Check out Josh's favorites...

Josh's Favs

Josh appreciates the wide flavor range of coffee quality from all of the coffee producing countries. He enjoys coffees that can showcase specific and unique character while maintaining balance and structure.
Check out Mark's favorites...

Mark's Favs

Mark is a man of extremes. On one hand he appreciates solid, straight-forward clean and sweet coffee from well run farms and he also appreciates coffees with more wild flavors. Sweetness and balance over acid-driven. Multi-dimensional over one-note flavor profiles.
Check out Brandon's favorites...

Brandon's Favs

Brandon gets excited about super clean washed coffees with punchy acidity, and wouldn't be overly disappointed if Kenya and Colombia and Burgundy were the only options forever.
Check out Todd's favorites...

Todd's Favs

Todd prefers coffees that offer dynamic sweetness and balance while simultaneously surprising and stretching the palate. Not surprisingly, favorites shift with the passing seasons.
Check out Taylor's favorites...

Taylor's Favs

Taylor enjoys all kinds of coffees, particularly those that challenge her perception of what they should taste like. Not one to discriminate, Taylor likes what's in season and what reflects her mood on a particular day.
Check out Ian's favorites...

Ian's Favs

Ian loves all his babies. He doesn't have favorites.