Ethiopia Sidamo G2 Natural - Swiss Water Decaf

Cherry, honey, cocoa
5 Bags Available
WarehouseContinental NJ
Lot #P604633-1
ETA Spot
Bag Weight 60 kg

This Ethiopian grade 2 is decaffeinated using the patented Swiss Water Process.

The Swiss Water Process uses only pure "flavor charged water" and a charcoal filtering system to remove caffeine from green coffee beans. The beans are first soaked in very hot water and caffeine is leached out of the beans' cellular material. The solution is then passed through a carbon filter with a porosity specifically sized to capture larger caffeine molecules, while allowing smaller oil and flavor molecules to pass through. The Swiss Water Process is certified organic and 100% chemical free. In addition, they are also certified Kosher by the Kosher Overseers Association.

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Total Bags In Lot 13
Status Spot
Warehouse Continental NJ
Processing Natural/Dry Processed
Bag Type Jute
Plant Species Arabica
Coffee Grade Grade 2
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