Ethiopia Limmu G2 RFA Organic - Tega Tula (2018)

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This is a Grade 2 Limmu coffee from Ethiopia and it is both organic and RFA certified. It was grown at the Tega and Tula (Tega Tula for short) Farm in the Kaffa regions at altitudes between 1700-2000 masl. Tega Tula is one of the youngest and most modern coffee producers, processors, and exporter in the heart of Kaffa. The two main coffee plantations are situated in the southwestern part of the country in the center of the natural forested area of Kaffa Zone Gembo Woreda. The total area of the plantation is over 500 hectares and works in collaboration with an additional 300 hectares of smallholder farms. This particular coffee was grown in the Kaffa Forest where it was handpicked and then transported to Tega Tula's central processing mill.
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Total Bags In Lot 320
Status Spot
Farm Name Tega Tula
Processing Washed
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Certifications Organic, Rainforest Alliance
Plant Species Arabica
Coffee Grade ETH CA WA LIMM G2
Growing Altitude >1700m
Warehouse Continental NJ
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