Coffee Farmers Market

Coffee Farmers Market

Welcome to the Coffee Farmers Market, where the connection is just as important as the coffee. What we’re creating here is a pathway for coffee farmers to connect with coffee roasters who truly value what they produce, a pathway for relationships. Our first offerings are from Guatemala, coffees within Olam’s “Lote Especial” brand that we’ve dubbed “Rubies” after the Ruby-throated hummingbird that flies across the Gulf of Mexico each fall to winter at high altitudes throughout Central America.


Here's What Comes with a Coffee Farmers Market Purchase:

  • - Exclusive access to lots.
  • - Translated Zoom session with producer.
  • - Free use of exclusive farm and farmer photos.
  • - Use of the Ruby Lote Especial logo, only available to buyers.
  • - Participation in a direct purchase that returns a premium to producers.

How do you meet the farmers if you don’t speak Spanish?

The growers have agreed to participate in an interpreted Zoom call with the roaster that purchases their lot. Any roaster who buys one of our Rubies is encouraged to take us up on this offer and meet the farmer.


Notes on Price

Olam Specialty Coffee is a “data donor” to the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide (SCTG), from which we took guidance on the price paid for these coffees and the premium that will be returned to the farmers once their lots sell.”


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