Costa Rica SHB EP - Roger Solis 'White Honey Microlot' (2016)

Dark chocolate, golden raisin, almond, cherry
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Costa Rica
WarehouseContinental NJ
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Bag Weight 69 kg
This microlot comes from village of San Francisco, in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. It was cultivated by Roger Solis on the La Casona farm at 1900 masl in sandy loam soil. Roger Solis began to process coffee in 2013. Roger supervises the farms and his eldest son (18 years old in 2016) supervises the mill. 'White Honey’ processing indicates a semi-washed process where approximately 5-10% of the mucilage is intentionally left on the parchment before the coffee is dried and hulled
More Information
Subregion San Francisco < San Jose < Leon Cores < Tarrazu
Farm Name Roger Solis on the La Casona farm
Status Spot
Processing Honey Processed
Processing Description White Honey
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Wet Mill La Casona
Dry Mill La Casona
Growing Altitude 1900-2100m
Coffee Grade SHB EP