Competition blends

Competition blends

We challenged our West Coast team members to create a blend that was dynamic and well rounded, yet affordable. Competitors were able to choose from all our available Spot coffees, and blends were scored blindly by SCA cupping standards. The two winning blends below take exceptionally unique approaches to this challenge. Our East Coast team is excited to hold their own competition soon, and then winners will go head-to-head. We invite you to take a shot at crafting these blends in your own lab or use them as inspiration to build something new.


    Josh created an easy drinking blend that incorporates an unlikely Robusta component. Josh's blend is grounded in 60% Colombia Dulima for sweetness, chocolate and stone fruit, and adds 30% Brazil Eagle Espresso for richness with caramel, chocolate and some nuttiness. 10% Rwanda Buf Cafe Robusta adds depth, viscosity, dried fruits and body, which translates as a rich, dense crema in an espresso.


    Ximena created a light, well balanced and approachable blend that incorporates the full spectrum of what coffee can offer flavor wise. Ximena's blend is grounded in 70% Organic Honduras for an all-around well balanced flavor, floral hints and subtle citrus notes, mixed with 20% Colombia Supremo for clean, slight caramel sweetness & light chocolate notes and 10% Brazil Eagle Espresso for a rich almond nuttiness to balance it out.