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Raisin, molasses, cinnamon
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This Colombian coffee is decaffeinated using the Direct Process with Methylene Chloride.How the Direct Process Works: In the Direct Process, coffee beans are first soaked in water to prep the beans for the caffeine extraction phase. Then a decaffeinating agent, in this case Methylene Chloride, is mixed directly with the soaking coffee beans. Methylene Chloride attracts the caffeine molecules out of the beans. The two, Methylene Chloride and caffeine, then bond together. Next, the beans are removed from the water, which is filtered to remove the Methylene Chloride bonded caffeine. Afterwards, the beans are re-soaked in the filtered water to re-absorb the coffee flavor, and finally the beans are dried to their original moisture.About Methylene Chloride: Out of all decaffeination processes, the Direct Process using Methylene Chloride is widely considered the best to maintain a coffee's original flavor. The USDA considers Methylene Chloride safe to consume at 10 parts per million (ppm). Methylene Chloride concentration on coffee that has been decaffeinated using the Direct Process method is approximately .01 ppm.
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