Colombia Nariño Excelso - Finca Pancoger 12

Dark chocolate, lemon, pear
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This is a Castillo variety blend from Cafe Occidente Nariño, a cooperative in Nariño, Colombia. It is grown by Marcela Garcia on Lot 4 of her farm, Pancoger 12, in the township of El Tejar in the Consaca district. Finca Pancoger 12 is located near the small town of Consacá in the Nariño department. Situated in western Colombia, Consacá lies less than 100 kilometers north of the border with Ecuador. The area boasts a strikingly green landscape of jagged mountains and lush, fertile soil. Consacá is not for the light of heart. The town is situated among 5 active volcanos, including the infamous Galeras. Galeras is considered the most active volcano in all of Colombia. It’s peak rises above the town at 4,276 meters above sea level. The volcano’s activity over the last one million years has resulted in extremely nutrient-rich soil. The region also benefits from a sunny, temperate climate with lower humidity and more wind than many other regions in Colombia. These natural resources lend themselves to a gradual drying process which adds to the bean’s final cup profile. Marcela grew up on her land. One of 12 children, her parents divided their property among the siblings and Marcela now maintains 1 hectare of land. Here she and her team grow, ferment, and dry Castillo beans at an altitude of 1,800 - 1,920 meters. At finca Pancoger 12, the team takes great care throughout the process. After the beans have been fermented and washed, they are set out to dry on parchment. Here Nariño’s microclimate does its magic, drying the beans slowly and evenly.
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Subregion El Tejar < Consaca
Farm Name Pancoger 12 - Lot 4
Producer Type Cooperative
Processing Washed
Processing Description 16 hours fermentation, 10 days sun-dried
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
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