Colombia Nariño Excelso - Finca La Loma

Chocolate, cherry, almond
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This is a Caturra variety blend from Cafe Occidente Nariño, a cooperative in Nariño, Colombia.It is grown by Jose Ignacio Paz on his farm, La Loma, in the district of Chachagui. Finca La Loma is nestled alongside Chachagüi, a small municipality in the Nariño department, located about 300 km east of the Pacific Ocean in southwestern Colombia. Chachagüi is a municipality that continues to heavily identify with its indigenous roots. While the traditional bohíos (homes constructed from wood and mud) have been largely exchanged for more modern architecture, many residents continue to identify as mestizo with a mixture of indigenous and Spanish heritage and culture. The name “Chachagüi” originates from two indigenous languages, Quillacinga and Quechua. The word roughly translates respectively to “land of clear waters” and “good water”. To this day, the area is known for its pure environment. Surrounding Chachagüi are ancient mountainous trails littered with fallen mangos. In such a raw, natural landscape, it’s no wonder that José Ignacio Paz’s finca produces such a high-quality coffee. At finca La Loma, José Ignacio Paz and his family grow Caturra variety coffee at an altitude of 1,950 meters. José’s land lies in a temperate, mountainous region of Colombia. Here the average high temperatures rarely vary beyond 19-22 degrees Celsius during the day, however the high altitude and humid winds mean that the weather is never quite as predictable as it seems. Here on this land, José takes great care in each step of the production of his coffee. He follows a traditional fermentation process of 18 hours before drying the beans on his patio for five days.
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Subregion Chachagui
Farm Name La Loma
Producer Type Cooperative
Processing Washed
Processing Description 18 hour fermentation, 5 days sun-dried
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
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