Burundi FW IWCA - Kinyovu 'Lot 124' (2015/16)

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This fully washed Burundi coffee comes from Kinyovu washing station (Lot# 124) in the Kayanza province in Northern Burundi. The farmers that contributed to this lot cultivate 500 trees per producer on average. The Kinyovu washing station offers a second flotation of cherries after home processing and cleans the water supply before returning to the environment. 2015 is the first year farmers participated in a gender equity-quality product program. 33% of the price paid for green coffee is distributed to the IWCA chapter and farmers as a bonus.
More Information
Harvest Season 2016/17
Status Spot
Farm Name Kinyovu
Wet Mill Kinyovu washing station
Dry Mill Coffee Business Center Burundi (CBCB)
Processing Washed
Processing Description Wet processed and fully washed, sun dried on raised beds
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Growing Altitude >1800m
Screen Size 15 Up
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