Resource Library for Coffee Roasters During COVID-19

Resource Library for Coffee Roasters During COVID-19
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By Olam Specialty Coffee
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Resource Library for Coffee Roasters During COVID-19

UPDATED July 13, 2020

"By the eighteenth century, the coffeehouse had become a widely accepted part of urban social life ..."  -The Social Life of Coffee by Brian Cowan

The coffeehouse. In all of its various iterations, from the "virtuoso sociability" of London coffeehouses in the late 1600's to the monochromatic "beat" coffeehouses of the 1950's and then the "third wave" that has been crashing on our shore for the last 20 years, the coffeehouse has been a social place where people share the social beverage. And it is worth noting, it has survived.

Today, and for the duration as they say in times of war, we are living in a world of social distancing, and as a result the "house" has been temporarily removed from coffeehouse. On almost every level, our lives have been upended by uncertainty. For those who earn their keep by way of the social beverage, the uncertainty is not necessarily more pronounced , but it is very specific. The coffeehouse and other retail establishments that serve coffee are not the only termini on the coffee supply chain, but they are very important to us all.

We don't know the future, but we do know a lot of people and organizations within the coffee industry are working hard to provide the industry with information and resources that answer the uncertainty, even while they don't make it go away.

Welcome to Olam's "Resource Library for Coffee Roasters During COVID-19." We hope that here you'll find places to go and find answers, ideas, direction, maybe even inspiration ... for the duration.

We will be adding to the library on an ongoing basis, so do check this page for updates. If you have resources you think we might add to the library, please email information to Use the same email if you have questions.

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At Olam Specialty Coffee, we continue to process orders and ship coffee with the full support of Olam International, read the Latest Overview From Olam International on the company-wide response to COVID-19.

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