Kenyan Coffee, Gifts from the Owner of Snow

Mt. Kenya was a ghost ship on the horizon, its existence only rumored among Europeans for decades. Although it seems …

6 months ago

From the Valley of the Moon to Prices Over the Moon, Panama Coffee has Come a Long Way

In the 1884 edition of Coffee: From Plantation to Cup, Francis Thurber writes “Recently some 70,000 trees have been planted in the Chiriquí district, in the state of Panama, and this marks the beginning of the enterprise in that state.” The word Chiriquí has indigenous origins and means “valley of the moon.”

6 months ago

The History of Papua New Guinea Coffee

In the highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG), morning fog fills the valleys and the mountain peaks float above in …

7 months ago

Sumatra, the Island of Gold No Less

When Marko Polo turned his cellmate into a scribe and reached the part of his story where he visits Sumatra, …

8 months ago

Remembering the Children of Guatemalan Coffee

Twenty years ago, I landed at night in Guatemala. As my plane approached for landing, a volcano sparked in the distance, welcoming me on my first visit. I was shuffled into a jeep for the three-hour drive to Lake Atitlan, which would serve as a home base for visiting coffee growers in the region. 

8 months ago