Coffee Is A Story

Although I've only had the job title "Chief Storyteller" for a few years, telling coffee stories has been a big part of every job I've ever had in coffee because coffee is a story...

6 days ago

Green Coffee Glossary for New Coffee People, An Abridged List

Every activity has it’s lingo... The coffee industry is certainly not the worst offender in this regard, but the coffee lingo list can get long if you let it. 

26 days ago

Words About Words About Coffee – 1722 to 1935

The evolution/expansion of taste descriptors—both formal evaluative words and the informal marketing words—is not purely a specialty coffee phenomenon. It’s been happening for a long time...

5 months ago

A Halloween Special: The Haunted Cappuccino

“Is that really your name? Raffi?”

Rafael looked up from the espresso pouring into a shot glass and into the tight smirk of a face he’d seen before. He’d only been working as a barista at the coffeehouse for a few days, but the customer had been in several times, a regular.

7 months ago

The Mystery And Majesty Of Coffee Milk

Outside of New England, ask 10 people about coffee milk, the official "state drink" of Rhode Island, and you’ll get seven or eight blank stares.

11 months ago