A Halloween Special: The Haunted Cappuccino

“Is that really your name? Raffi?”

Rafael looked up from the espresso pouring into a shot glass and into the tight smirk of a face he’d seen before. He’d only been working as a barista at the coffeehouse for a few days, but the customer had been in several times, a regular.

2 months ago

The Mystery And Majesty Of Coffee Milk

Outside of New England, ask 10 people about coffee milk, the official "state drink" of Rhode Island, and you’ll get seven or eight blank stares.

5 months ago

Coffee Farmers and COVID

Many coffee farmers experienced a decrease in income during the pandemic resulting in drop in production.

6 months ago

Millennials and Coffee: The Power of Visual & Viral Marketing

During a trip to London many years ago, not long after finally trading in my Blackberry for an early model …

10 months ago

Olam’s Own Byron Holcomb Awarded Rare “Expert” Certification

What does one do with a degree in biology? Well, if you’re Byron Holcomb, you take a job as a barista, then you work in production for a coffee roaster, then you become a green buyer for a large coffee roaster, and then you move to Brazil to work with coffee farmers on improving quality. 


10 months ago

Small holders in San Juan de la Montaña, Peru: On the Way to Specialty

We are happy to welcome Juan Jose as a guest blogger for our second blog on Peru. Juan is the …

1 year ago