Women and Coffee at Café Delas: Empowering Women Farmers in Brazil

Café Delas was created to help women farmers access the resources, knowledge, and voice they need to grow their operations …

8 months ago

Celebrating Earth Day 2021 and a True Commitment to Sustainability

Today on Earth Day we welcome Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability for Olam International, Dr Christopher Stewart, as …

9 months ago

What’s the Deal with Wet Hulled Coffee?

Indonesia is every sort of wet and always all kinds of “Basah.” Rain? Plenty of it, more than most places …

10 months ago

Green Uganda Coffee from the White Nile

If you were a European explorer in Africa in the nineteenth century, at the top of your to-do list would …

10 months ago

Through a Coffee Colored LENS: Olam Doubles Down on its Commitment to Sustainable Coffee

‘Coffee LENS’ - standing for ‘Livelihoods, Education and Nature at Scale’- sets Olam Coffee’s first formal sustainability targets for 2025 across its global, direct coffee supply chain, covering 18 origins.

1 year ago

Hurricanes and Coffee: Central America in the Wake of Eta and Iota

Two powerful hurricanes make landfall just 14 days and 15 miles apart … during a pandemic. As we all know, …

1 year ago

Laos Coffee and the Lord of Naga

The story of Laos coffee starts in the southwest corner of Laos, where the Mekong river approaches the border with Cambodia as if approaching …

1 year ago

International Coffee Day: How a 'Coffee Data Shop' is Helping Reimagine Sustainability.

To celebrate International Coffee Day we welcome guest blogger, Juan Antonio Rivas, Senior Vice-President Sustainability, Olam Coffee. With young people …

1 year ago