Notes from the Fruity Frontier of Fermentation: The Latest in Coffee Processing

Coffee producers have moved away from experimentation and have embraced real success with a variety of processing methods. The latest, and for some the most exciting, is fruit fermentation. In this blog, we define fruit fermentation as we know it and explain a bit about the science behind fermentaiton. 

12 days ago

Olam Specialty Coffee Welcomes Ana Mallozzi as Junior Trader

“Being a coffee trader has been a goal of mine for a long time and I’m so excited to work with Olam,” says Mallozzi. “Having worked for coffee roasters in the past, I’m familiar with that business in terms of both success and challenges. I look forward to being a part of success stories while working with our coffee roaster customers.”

13 days ago

#30 The Exchange: Talking Blends with Patrick Barter of Gracenote Coffee

Why have a coffee blend? Why not? We dive deep into some of the big picture considerations behind blending as Patrick Barter of Gracenote Coffee and coffee trader / guest co-host Todd Mackey step back to consider some of the more  philosophical questions around coffee blends.

1 month ago

#29 The Exchange: Speaking of Origin with Byron Holcomb in Guatemala

Byron Holcomb, specialty coffee manager in Guatemala joins us to talk about coffee origin issues and what makes a good green coffee buyer

1 month ago

#28 The Exchange: So You Want to be a Coffee Roaster

Mike Ferguson chats with green coffee professionals Charley Requadt and Ethan White about advice they offer new coffee roaster or those who are looking foreword to being coffee roasters one day.

1 month ago

#27 The Exchange: Connie Blumhardt Publisher of Roast Magazine

Connie Blumhardt joins Mike Ferguson to talk about their 24 years as friends in coffee, starting Roast Magazine in 2003 (or was it 2004), and her observations of the coffee roasting sector.

1 month ago

#26 The Exchange: Mike Ferguson Interviews Coffee Trader Todd Mackey

Welcome Back! In the two years between seasons 2 and 3 much has happened but we're back, rebooting The Exchange with a few changes. In this episode Mike Ferguson interviews Todd Mackey. Todd talks about his career in coffee, his job as a coffee trader, and the challenges of the last two years.

1 month ago

100 Years Ago Today, W.H. Ukers Finished Writing All About Coffee

The pages of All About Coffee are filled with examples that give credence to the cliché, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Ukers also demonstrates that some ideas around what constitutes quality coffee and solid business practices have not evolved over the last 100 years so much as they temporarily devolved in the middle of the 20th century.

2 months ago

Instant Coffee - A Brief History

When Robert Falcon Scott set out for the arctic in 1901 he carried a version of instant coffee, a powdery extract that had to be stored in an airtight container...

3 months ago

Coffee Is A Story

Although I've only had the job title "Chief Storyteller" for a few years, telling coffee stories has been a big part of every job I've ever had in coffee because coffee is a story...

3 months ago