Millennials and Coffee: The Power of Visual & Viral Marketing

During a trip to London many years ago, not long after finally trading in my Blackberry for an early model …

4 days ago

Olam’s Own Byron Holcomb Awarded Rare “Expert” Certification

What does one do with a degree in biology? Well, if you’re Byron Holcomb, you take a job as a barista, then you work in production for a coffee roaster, then you become a green buyer for a large coffee roaster, and then you move to Brazil to work with coffee farmers on improving quality. 


10 days ago

Ethiopian Coffee History: From Chewing to Brewing

Separate Ethiopia from coffee, the facts, and the lore, and the country remains one of the most fascinating regions in …

12 days ago

Coffee Roasting Business Plan: For the Roaster Retailer It’s Just 7 Words

Fifty years ago, when most people in the U.S. could name only three or four coffee brands, large national companies …

18 days ago

Huehuetenango Coffee: The Unique People and Culture That Cultivated It

If you meet a new immigrant to the United States, there’s a chance that their native language might be French, …

25 days ago

Jabez Burns Sample Roaster History 101

Let's take a look at the history behind the Jabez Burns sample roaster, and the company that remains an active coffee industry brand after 155 years.

1 month ago

All About Brazilian Coffee: Its History, Evolution, and Importance at Olam

Latin America is certainly known for its wide variety of coffee-producing countries, and Brazil is no exception. Coveted for its often nutty and savory profile, Brazilian coffee is unique in many ways...


2 months ago

An Officer and a Gentleman: The Story of Central American Coffee Part 2

Following the coffee plant’s escape from the Arabian Peninsula, it would not reach Central America for another 100 years, but …

2 months ago

Through a Coffee Colored LENS: Olam Doubles Down on its Commitment to Sustainable Coffee

‘Coffee LENS’ - standing for ‘Livelihoods, Education and Nature at Scale’- sets Olam Coffee’s first formal sustainability targets for 2025 across its global, direct coffee supply chain, covering 18 origins.

3 months ago

Costa Rican Coffee: A Look Back at Its Rich History

While the history of Costa Rican coffee is the subject of some debate, it is generally estimated that coffee came to Costa Rica as early as 1779. Within 50 years, Costa Rican coffee beans were generating more revenue than any other crop.

3 months ago