How to Buy

Green Coffee Buying for Coffee Roasting Businesses

Welcome to Olam Coffee's green buying guide. Three types of purchases define green coffee buying: spot, forward and direct trade. While you're getting started, we recommend you reference the below six step guide for spot and forward purchases and reach out with any questions. Also, we are happy to help facilitate direct trade deals for established customers.

Step 1: Create an Account

All coffee roasting businesses are welcome to create an account to view our real time pricing that is custom generated based on your company’s relationship with Olam. The price basis for online prices is Free on Truck (FOT), which means there is no additional charge if you were to drive to the warehouse and pick it up. We are also able to ship the coffee to your roasting facility. Trucking costs are passed through. We don’t make any money off of shipping.

Step 2: Browse Our Coffee

You can browse both our Spot and Forward coffees online. Spot means a coffee has arrived at its final destination warehouse. Forward means a coffee has not yet arrived at its final destination warehouse; it is either still in the producing country or in route. Also, soon after your account is approved, one of our coffee traders will contact you. Whenever you have a question, feel free to reach out.

Step 3: Request Samples

Once you have read about our coffees, you may request up to six complimentary samples at a time. All samples are sent via USPS Priority Mail, which means they should arrive in 5 to 7 business days. For samples sent outside the United States or Canada we charge a flat $40 per sample order due to high international air-mail rates. Note that only spot coffees are available to sample because forward coffees have yet to arrive.

Step 4: Build an Order & Choose a Shipping Method

When ready to make a purchase, add coffee to your shopping cart and proceed to check out. You will be prompted to choose a shipping method:

  1. Ground Freight: An instant freight rate will be provided for most US destinations. Ground freight ships within 2 business days, not including transit time.
  2. Warehouse Pick-up: For no additional charge you may pick-up coffee at the warehouse. Enter your pick-up date in the comments box during checkout.
  3. Add to Position: Your "position" is the coffee you have on contract with us, but have not yet received. Schedule shipments or pick-ups when you're ready.
  4. Custom Shipping: Sometimes orders get complicated. Tell us whatever you need in the comments box during checkout. We'll find you the best rate.

Step 5: Choose a Payment Method

During checkout, you will be prompted to choose one of two payment methods.

  1. Credit Card: If you want to pick-up or ship your coffee within two weeks and pay via credit card, then this is easiest and fastest option.
  2. Invoice: We will email invoices as you ship or pick-up coffee. Spot coffee held for more than two weeks after purchase or forward coffee held for more than two weeks after arrival will be charged a 1.25% per month carry. Invoices can be paid by check, wire, credit card or PayPal.

Step 6: Place Your Order

You will receive an email order confirmation within a few minutes. We guarantee the quality of all our spot and forward coffees sold within the United States and Canada. If the coffee you receive is not consistent with what you sampled, please let your Coffee Trader know within 48 hours of receiving the coffee to discuss options. Due to high international shipping rates, we cannot guarantee sales outside the United States or Canada.