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On The Road

A photo blog of our team's latest caffeinated adventures.
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Rob just got back from Guatemala. Each seedling here was harvested from trees that produced amazing coffee last year. Rather than sell it again this year, the producer took the long view and used it all for seed!
Guatemala Pickup Truck
In coffee, sooner or later you end up in the back of a pick-up truck. If you don't, you didn't go far enough. Here, Rob is on his way to farms with Beat, Olam's GM in Guatemala.
Coffee Flowering
They visited an irrigated farm where flowering is induced via sprinkers, rare for Guatemala. Beautiful, but photos can't capture the ephemeral smell of flowering coffee plants.
Laguna de Ayarza
This is Laguna de Ayarza in Guatemala. Gorgous corner of the world and really good coffee!